Priestess of the Wind (windspirit16) wrote in greenhats,
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*sighs* - I am so stupid sometimes!!!

Yeah alphabetization never was my strong point. *rolls eyes* Well for whoever stumbles across my humble place you are welcome to spew all of your insanity into this journal because well that's what I'm doing - this is all just one huge joke in my mind and as long as no one gets hurt it's all rather cool, and i'm rather happy and such.

And I'm a rather sarcastic sardonic, but jovial person who also tends to bounce when hyper - I've always gotten so hyper from swets I contend that me drunk would be about the scariest thing ever, but then again who knows? - Well personally I'm not to owilling to find out what it looks like because alchohol is disgusting, and such...and yeah lalalalalalalalalalala...randomness....
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