A Quiet Whisper (mellerz17) wrote in greenhats,
A Quiet Whisper

randomyl wrote this...

I'm packing up my bags.
Taking all my pictures with me.
Grabbing my journal, and my phone.
Old letters and notes, accomplishemnts, and cd's.
Bring evertyhing possible with me, despite how I may change while I'm gone.

Money in my wallet, and wallet in my purse.
A car that never fails to break down every other month.
I'll look under my bed, and go through old shoe boxes.
Glance at the memories, I unfortunately have to leave behind.

Now I'm sorting through my cloths, the old, and the new.
Wondering why I wore half of what I own, and laughing at myself.
I remember the stages of life I went through on my walls.
The old tape marks of posters that grabbed paint, and an old fan that's always stayed the same.

There are some things I'll always miss, whether it's good or not.
The closet that was always full of shoes, and cloths that eventually fell off of hangers.

But, now I'll write a letter, for someone to find up in the tall closet.
Asking them to find you, and tell you how much you'll be missed.

Even if you'll forget me, as I climb my way to heaven.
You're the star I've always wished upon, and finally, my wish has come true.
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