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hello. I am wearing a green hat. I love green hats. I also am wearing mucho green. I like green. Have you ever wondered if there is green cheese? I like cows to. I think you would need to stay away from the Green Cheese...I thing it might have gone bad. Do you mahoo? I for chess. I play chess with myself alot. Sometimes I even kick my own ass at chess. I Like to playin bands...though I cant play...and was never asked to join....Did i mention i like cheese? and Hats? some times i am called the hatted one...or is that hated one? screwy english language...always confounding me. I do like cheese but not cows...is that not odd. I am odd...yessiry I am odd! I like to go no where and talk to no one... boy that is a noisy place and he sure is a noisy person. Okay i think tha counts as my post for now. good hi!
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