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randomyl wrote this...

I'm packing up my bags.
Taking all my pictures with me.
Grabbing my journal, and my phone.
Old letters and notes, accomplishemnts, and cd's.
Bring evertyhing possible with me, despite how I may change while I'm gone.

Money in my wallet, and wallet in my purse.
A car that never fails to break down every other month.
I'll look under my bed, and go through old shoe boxes.
Glance at the memories, I unfortunately have to leave behind.

Now I'm sorting through my cloths, the old, and the new.
Wondering why I wore half of what I own, and laughing at myself.
I remember the stages of life I went through on my walls.
The old tape marks of posters that grabbed paint, and an old fan that's always stayed the same.

There are some things I'll always miss, whether it's good or not.
The closet that was always full of shoes, and cloths that eventually fell off of hangers.

But, now I'll write a letter, for someone to find up in the tall closet.
Asking them to find you, and tell you how much you'll be missed.

Even if you'll forget me, as I climb my way to heaven.
You're the star I've always wished upon, and finally, my wish has come true.
Human Nature

Green hat

The hat has begun to control my thoughts and the onbly thing that comes to my mind now is taking over the world, giving everyone a green hat, and grabbing steves ass, I am scared. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I think I will go act on these urges, and if I cant get steves I go for the goats, that is right, The girl that grabs hats arse!. Yargh I am a butt grabbing pirate! argh! shiver me green timbers.
Human Nature


hello. I am wearing a green hat. I love green hats. I also am wearing mucho green. I like green. Have you ever wondered if there is green cheese? I like cows to. I think you would need to stay away from the Green Cheese...I thing it might have gone bad. Do you mahoo? I for chess. I play chess with myself alot. Sometimes I even kick my own ass at chess. I Like to playin bands...though I cant play...and was never asked to join....Did i mention i like cheese? and Hats? some times i am called the hatted one...or is that hated one? screwy english language...always confounding me. I do like cheese but not cows...is that not odd. I am odd...yessiry I am odd! I like to go no where and talk to no one... boy that is a noisy place and he sure is a noisy person. Okay i think tha counts as my post for now. good hi!
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As it were Green hats rock jamamma's ass

Speaking of asses, why do guys alway sseem to be attracted to a woman's breats, thighs, or asses as it were? What about her intelligence, personality or other things not attributed to her body??? And why is it that people are always judged by their bodies, clothes, and hats, I mean if everyone was just a green hat then wouldn't it solve the problem??? Green hats are fun...;)
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woot woot! im a memeber of the green hats community!

I like green hats and i cannot lie...you other ones cant deny with a...boy/girl in a green hate walks in with a itty bitty dsjkfljfewjlk.... green hat!

/random, yet stupid intro of thyself.

so yes. a new place ot do wild and stupid things... is ranting possible? id love ot rant. woot.


*sighs* - I am so stupid sometimes!!!

Yeah alphabetization never was my strong point. *rolls eyes* Well for whoever stumbles across my humble place you are welcome to spew all of your insanity into this journal because well that's what I'm doing - this is all just one huge joke in my mind and as long as no one gets hurt it's all rather cool, and i'm rather happy and such.

And I'm a rather sarcastic sardonic, but jovial person who also tends to bounce when hyper - I've always gotten so hyper from swets I contend that me drunk would be about the scariest thing ever, but then again who knows? - Well personally I'm not to owilling to find out what it looks like because alchohol is disgusting, and such...and yeah lalalalalalalalalalala...randomness....
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